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Achieve a Youthful Look Simply By Rejuvenating Your Eyes!

Singaporeans are 'reverse ageing' through this simple procedure while being able to claim insurance for it!

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Read on to find out how you are...

One Step Closer To Achieving Your Desired Look!

What do most Korean celebrities have in common? Beautiful and youthful-looking eyes!

Which explains why they look so attractive and they are always turning heads wherever they go. 

This is often known as the 'Attractiveness Advantage'


Studies have shown that physically attractive individuals are more likely to be interviewed for jobs and are more likely to advance rapidly in their careers through frequent promotions.

They also earn higher salaries! Don’t even get me started on the increase in self-confidence you will experience…


Imagine being highly coveted, in your workplace, in your romantic life, and in all walks of your life.

You will notice a significant improvement in your appearance once you get rid of eye bags, dark circles, crow's feet, or droopy eyelids.

Due to the nature of the procedure, you can even claim MediSave or Medical Insurance! Speak to us and find out if you're eligible.

(Limited availabilities)

Using the best technology in the industry, trusted in the hands of one of the leading doctors in the field.



  • Fully accredited Singapore plastic surgeon. 

  • Practising since 2005, with more than 5,000 successful surgeries completed.

  • Dr Kang was fellowship trained at the world-class Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taiwan subspecializing in craniofacial cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery.

  • He further trained in cosmetic plastic surgery in Korea and USA.

  • He is also a Senior Consultant Plastic Surgeon at KKH and a visiting consultant.

  • As well as a Great Eastern panel doctor. For any emergency cases in private hospitals with patient having GE insurances, he will be called to attend the patients for treatments. 

Have questions? Book a free consultation to find out more about how we can help you rejuvenate your eyes.

(Limited availabilities)

*About Dr Gavin Kang​

  • Qualifications

    • Fellow of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore (Plastic Surgery)

    • Master of Medicine (Surgery) NUS

    • Member of Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh

    • MBBS Singapore NUS

    • Master of Bioengineering

  • Professional Appointments & Committee Membership

    • Chair, Chapter of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeons, College of Surgeons, Singapore

    • Committee Member, Singapore Society of Cosmetic Aesthetic Surgeons

    • Committee Member, Cleft Lip and Palate Association of Singapore

    • Member, Singapore Association of Plastic Surgeons

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Double Eyelid Technique

Depending on the patient’s concerns and expectations, surgeons can recommend Suture Method or Incision Method.

Post-op Pain Level:


Suture Method is recommended for:

  • Eyelids that have several eyelid creases

  • Monolids – eyelids that do not have any existing crease

  • Double eyelid on one eye

  • Faint eyelid crease 

  • Thin, sagging eyelids


Incision Method is recommended for:

  • Thick or saggy eyelids that need the removal of excess fat and tissue 

  • Anyone who wants permanent double eyelid crease

  • Anyone who wants a deeper and well-defined eyelid crease

  • Anyone in need of eyelid revision surgery


*Consensus based on the actual patients’ response to the questionnaire.
**Not a strict standard and patients’ experiences may differ.

Surgery Details

for Suture Technique 


Operation Time

About 1 hr



Local anesthesia


Stitch Removal

3-5 days post-op


Recovery Duration

About 2 weeks

Surgery Details

for Incision Technique 


Operation Time

About 1 hr to 2 hrs



Local anesthesia


Stitch Removal

3-5 days post-op


Recovery Duration

About 2 weeks


Double Eyelid Creation

Achieve symmetrical and prominent upper eyelid folds.


Eye Bag Removal

Surgical removal of excessive fat tissue and skin underneath the eyes.


Great for: reducing crow's feet, temporal brow lifting



Great for: replacing volume loss in tear troughs


Flexible Payment Plan

Our clinic also offers various instalment plans for eligible credit card. Please check with our professionals during your consultation to check on your eligibility or reach out to us through the enquiry form shown below.


Complete Eye Rejuvenation

Eye-bags, dark circles, crow’s feet and droopy eyelids are some common concerns among patients. To combat these problems, we can combine non-surgical and surgical procedures to achieve total eye rejuvenation.

Enquire now to find out which treatment(s) is suitable for you!


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