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Enhancing your breasts - Implants or Fat Grafting

If the decision has been made to augment the look or size of your breasts, then naturally, there would be many questions that would need answering — like choosing between fat grafting or implants for breasts and what the procedure would entail, the type and cost of breast implants available in Singapore, or exploring other available options such as the transfer of fats to breasts.

Even though breast augmentation procedures are fast gaining traction, the methods and products used to achieve the desired effect have also been keeping pace with this blossoming popularity. For many, dissatisfaction with the way their décolletage looks could have resulted from genetically small breasts, weight reductions or loss of volume after pregnancy. In order to fulfil the desire of having fuller breasts and the accompanying boost to the self-esteem, a crucial choice has to be made — breasts implants or fat grafting to the breasts.

Breast Implants

With over 500 choices of implants, Motiva has made a name for itself in the breast implant market. In collaborations with the best minds in the business, continual innovations and advancements as well as the motto of always keeping clients’ safety and comfort at the forefront, Motiva breast implants have become the go-to for those looking for that boost through safer, natural-looking breast implants. Stemming from its textured ergonomically designed silicone gel on the exterior and a high viscoelasticity gel on the inside, Motiva’s implants exude natural tendencies like flattening when lying down and moving fluidly under gravity.

In addition to providing a natural ergonomic look — a highly popular necessity amongst those considering implants — but it also has passed numerous safety checks and regulations, not only in the United States, but also in the European Union and South Korea. As it was developed with safety in mind, the implants are created with an elastic silicone-based shell that holds the cohesive gel in place and is sealed with BluSeal® technology so as to contain and prevent the gel from spreading in the unlikely event that the implant ruptures. Implants also do not affect breastfeeding as the milk ducts that deliver the milk through the nipples are not cut.

Breast Fat Grafting

This procedure is a more natural approach to fuller breasts. In order to redistribute and relocate excess fats for a greater cause, surfeit body fat is harvested from different areas of the body like the thighs and abdomen through liposuction. The suctioned fat is processed, purified and then strategically reintroduced into the breasts, thereby altering the shape of it to a desired outcome. However, there may be a need to repeat the process a few months down the road in order to enhance the fullness of the breast for a more voluptuous look. It is a less invasive option than implant surgery and is also a more modern approach to natural breast enlargement.

Although each augmentation style comes with its own advantages, the human body has its limitations and the cosmetic surgeon’s recommendations for the type of procedure one should select must be taken into consideration. In addition, the use of dermal breast fillers in Singapore has been banned due to the dangers and risks of serious side effects stemming from complications. Therefore, seeking out safer and longer-lasting breast augmentation methods like breast implants and fat grafting to the breasts seems to be the way to go for an enhanced bosom.

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