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Eyebag surgery: What you need to know

Have you noticed more pronounced, bulging pouches under your eyes or prodded those wee bags and noticed the fluid accumulated there? Well, you can officially say hello to the dreaded eyebags that tend to lend a tired, aged look to your face. There is good news; these bulges can be removed with either surgical or non-invasive procedures.

What Causes Eyebags?

Eyebags are a result of fat or fluid unsuspectingly building up in the periorbital area around the eye which then weighs down the thin skin around it. This loss of elasticity and firmness from collagen depletion, coupled with gravity, causes the skin around the eye to sag. With a combination of the aging process that gradually erodes the elasticity and firmness of tissues surrounding the eyes and the degeneration of collagen causing the skin structure to unable to provide sufficient support to keep the fluid or fat evenly distributed.

Puffy eyebags can also run in the family and people with this genetic disposition may even see eyebags developing at a very young age too. Furthermore, eyebags can also form due to fluid retention brought on by over imbibing on salt and alcohol. Insufficient sleep, excessive alcohol consumption and sun exposure also makes skin age faster.

Ways To Get Rid Of Eyebags

Although there are off-the-shelf creams and serums that can mitigate the effects of aging, there may be a need for non-surgical eyebag removal if the eyebags become too saggy for comfort. There are several types of eyebag removal treatments available that involve the use of modern technologies to lift and tighten the lax skin around the eyes. Radio frequency (RF) eyebag treatments as well as laser or ultrasound therapies are used for this purpose.

Another type of treatment that can be adopted is micro-needling. RF waves are delivered to the skin via micro needling so that these waves generate heat which eventually melt accumulated fats and stimulate collagen to tighten saggy skin. Lasers like PICO and fractional lasers reduce puffiness by also encouraging collagen production to tighten the under-eye skin.

Non Surgical Eyebag Removal Treatments

Ultherapy uses medical grade high intensity focussed ultrasound whereas High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) uses thermal energy to remove fat cells while simultaneously activating collagen growth to repair skin laxity. Alternatively, injectable fillers that are primarily used for lightening dark eye circles contain hyaluronic acid that can be used to replace volume loss and smoothen the skin’s surface. However, this is more suitable for younger patients as opposed to older patients who may have other existing skin conditions.

Non-surgical eyebag removal procedures are sought after by those who desire fixing their eyebags but are not keen to risk surgical complication, potential scarring from the procedure, bruising or downtime. With these non-invasive methods that promote newer collagen formation while also remodelling the skin, a lifting effect is also created. It also eliminates the excess accumulated fat under the skin as well as maintaining the natural buoyancy of healthy, refreshed, youthful looking skin.

On the other hand, invasive surgeries and procedures may require some downtime depending on how the procedure went. Unlike non invasive procedures, surgeries are more invasive and permanent.

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