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Why Motiva works best for breasts

If you’ve decided to take the plunge and boost your bust size, one of the more common online search phrases for breast augmentation would have included ‘Motiva® Implants’ — an industry forerunner for breast implants.

With more than 500 choices of breast implants, it is unsurprising that Motiva leads the charge in improving bust sizes safely, ergonomically and with a natural overall look. Known internationally for their state of the art and cutting edge technology, Motiva’s implants aim to meet every client’s expectations and ticks most, if not all the boxes for a safe and effective bump up in the chest department. In collaboration with the best minds in the industry and coupled with innovative advancements and state of the art equipment, Motiva has established itself as a trusted name in this aesthetic sector.

In a pretty straightforward process, clients are recommended a range of implants that will be most suited for the final outcome they desire. Keeping in line with its aim to provide the best and most intrinsic option for women, the implants are designed such that they seem intuitive and natural; the implants display native tendencies of flattening when lying in a prone position or moving fluidly when gravity acts upon them.

Traditional implants are usually manufactured with smooth or textured surfaces and with foreign elements for grip, however, Motiva neither employs these clear-cut surface types nor does it use implant surfaces that have elements like sugar to roughen the implant surface for better grip when place among breast tissues. In order to achieve this, Motiva’s implants have super smooth surfaces, namely SilkSurface™ and VelvetSurface™, that have a one of a kind shell surface that encourages a more natural relationship between the implant and surrounding tissues which in turn makes for a more seamless transition in to the movement of the breasts.

Furthermore, because of the tendency for manufacturers to create implants in a more traditional shape, surgeons are sometimes faced with a trying time having to rotate and adjust these generic implants to suit the existing structure of the breast. Motiva Implants® Round line of breast implants best suits women who are looking for more fullness and perkier breasts that sit higher on the chest whereas Motiva Implants® Ergonomix™ line is probably more in line with women who would like to keep things looking as natural as possible and aligning with the human body’s structure.The Ergonomix line also boasts the unique Progressive Gel Ultima filling that enables the implant to behave just like natural mammary tissue.

One factor that may come to mind fairly frequently would be safety. Motiva’s implants have passed numerous stringent quality checks not only in Singapore but also in the US, EU and South Korea. With the safety of its clients at the forefront of their innovation and production development, the implants are created with an elastic silicone-based shell that holds the cohesive gel in place and is sealed with BluSeal® technology so as to contain and prevent the gel from spreading in the unlikely event that the implant ruptures. There is also a warranty of 10 years on the implants and a check-up at the 10 year mark provides a safety net as well.

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